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Astrophytum Assorted (Bishop’s Cap)

Bishop’s Cap is a unique cactus known for its beautiful blooms and unique looks. Perfect for South African gardens and pots and easy to take care of.


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Use growing conditions and pictures as a guide only.

Description: Perennial Cactus
Common name: Bishop’s cap/ Star Cactus
Scientific name: Astrophytum spp.
Sunlight requirements: Full sun to Partial Shade
Foliage Characteristics: Evergreen
Height: 1m
Width: 20cm
Container plant: Yes
Flower colour: Yellow, Orange, Red
Flower time: Spring, Summer
Hardiness: Hardy When Mature

Astrophytum Genus consist of mainly 6 species and are native to Mexico and the Southern parts of America. They have a star like shape which is why they are internationally known as a Star Cactus. In South Africa the most cultivated species are mostly smooth spineless species such as Astrophytum myriostigma. Their grey star like appearance is where we derived their common name as Bishops cap. Astrophytum originates from the Greek word ‘astron’ meaning star and is part of the Cactaceae family.

Easy to grow particularly favored for their flowers and unique looks, these slow growing succulents have typical daisy like flower in the centre with yellow, red or orange colours. These flowers are slightly fragrant and takes place during spring to summer. The blooms themselves last about two days however they bloom in succession to one another. Flowers are typically 5cm in diameter and only takes place on more mature plants.

Mature Astrophytum prefer full sun to part shade. Seedlings should never receive full sun. They thrive in climates with warm summers for growing and cool winters for resting. The native landscape they grow in are usually rocky. Thus means well-draining soil is essential and one should take good care not to damage the shallow roots. Only transplant tem during warmer seasons like spring. It is best to propagate them from seeds.

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