Blueberry ‘Legacy’


Blueberry ‘Legacy’ (Vaccinium corymbosum) is a self-pollinating, acid soil loving shrub with delicious berries.

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Use growing conditions and pictures as a guide only.
Description: Self Pollinating
Common name: Blueberry ‘Legacy’
Scientific name: Vaccinium corymbosum
Sunlight requirements: Partial sun
Flowering time: Sep-Jan
Foliage Characteristics: Deciduous
Height: 1.6m
Width: 1m
Container plant: Yes
Attract Birds & Bees: Yes
Hardiness: Semi-Hard

Blueberry Legacy (Vaccinium corymbosum 'Legacy') is a vigorous and productive grower and a highbush variety of blueberry. Blueberry 'Legacy' produces medium to large-sized, blue, firm fruit with a very superior flavour and sweetness. This is an attractive landscape plant and a heavy producer of delicious fruit. It is considered to be an earlier bearer. They require acidic soil so Acid compost is a must. Feed with a Fruit and flower fertilizer such as 6:1:5 in Spring. Attract bees.

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