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Bonsai Kit + Olea europaea (Wild Olive)

A do-it-yourself bonsai kit fitted with everything you need to start your own bonsai from scratch. Fitted with a beautiful ceramic pot (Green, Black, Brown) with soil and gravel for planting, bonsai wire for training and other items such as hooks and sleeves for proper drainage. This kit comes with a wild olive sapling planted it an 8cm pot (Approximately 10cm tall). The perfect indigenous hardy tree to start off with your bonsai adventure.


4 in stock

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Use growing conditions and pictures as a guide only.

Description: Bonsai Kit with Wild Olive sapling
Common name: Wild olive, Olienhout
Scientific name: Olea europaea L. subsp. africana (Mill.) P.S.Green
Sunlight requirements: Full sun
Foliage Characteristics: Evergreen
Height: 12m (Left unpruned)
Width: 9m (Left unpruned)
Container plant: Yes
Attract Birds & Bees: Yes
Flower time: Spring – Mid Summer
Flower colour: White
Bonsai Kit Items: Ceramic Pot, Soil, Gravel, Hook, Sleeve, Bonsai Wire, Tree
Hardiness: Hardy
Miscellaneous: Edible and Medicinal



Ceramic Pot: Comes in various colours. Rectangular and shallow perfect for growing a small sized bonsai.
Bonsai Soil: Soil specifically suited for bonsais. Nutrient rich and well-draining
Bonsai Gravel: Allows for proper root growth and drainage
Hooks and Sleeves: Allow drainage holes to remain open without losing soil.
Bonsai Wire: Used for training and shaping tree in a form of your liking.
Olea europaea (Wild Olive) Tree: An incredibly hardy tree with good canopy. This indigenous flowering plant has a good canopy and has long been a fan favourite for bonsai growers. This tree can take full sun and has semi-fragrant flowers with edible berries.

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