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Neoregelia ‘Annick’

A small Bromeliad with a striking red centre. ‘Annick’ is across of carolinae x ‘Fireball’ introduced by Chester Skotak. Great for hanging baskets and terrariums.


12 in stock

Use growing conditions and pictures as a guide only.

Description: Perennial
Common name: Neoregelia ‘Annick’
Scientific name: Neoregelia carolinae x ‘Fireball’
Sunlight requirements: Bright Indirect Sun
Foliage Characteristics: Evergreen
Height: 20cm
Width: 20cm
Container plant: Yes
Hardiness: Hardy                                                                                                          Miscellaneous: Epiphyte

Part of the Bromeliaceae family, Neoregelia 'Annick' is a smaller, compact type of the Neoregelia Genus. It has wide light green stripe on the leaves with creamy white edges. What makes this plant unique is that it can turn (blush) candy red starting from the centre of the rosette and spreading outward when grown in bright light (Not direct sunlight). The centre also turns redder when Neoregelia 'Annick' are in inflorescence (Flowering). Neoregelia 'Annick', like most Neoregelia species, have multiple small flowers that form in the centre of the rosette. These plants are monocarpic which means they tend to flower once for an extended period of time after which they die off years later. Bromeliads have a cup like structure in the centre of the rosette where water can be added. Ensure that the water is replaced weekly.

Very well-draining soil/bark mixture is of utmost importance. Water regularly but do not keep the soil waterlogged. Furthermore, the smaller size makes it great for a terrarium plant. It is a low maintenance plant and requires little feeding. It can be propagated easily by dividing the rhizomes or by rooting the offsets. 'Annick' is across of carolinae x 'Fireball' introduced by Chester Skotak.

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