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Pteris argyrea (Silver Brake)

Silver Brake ferns gives a beautiful display with its sliver-streaked foliage and clumped growth. Cold tolerant and perfect container plant, these ferns are perfect for indoor or outdoor displays.


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Use growing conditions and pictures as a guide only.

Description: Pteris Fern
Common name: Silver Brake Fern
Scientific name: Pteris argyaea
Sunlight requirements: Partial Shade/ Bright Indirect Light
Foliage Characteristics: Evergreen
Height: 1m
Width: 3m+
Hardiness: Semi- Hardy
Growth Rate: Moderate
Container plant: Yes
Water Needs: High
Miscellaneous: Low Maintenance

Pteris argyrea, commonly known as Silver Brake fern, are part of the Pteridaceae Family. Native to the tropical and sub-tropical regions of India and Malaysia, these ferns are incredibly cold tolerant versus other ferns, however like almost all ferns, it needs to be protected against frost. Silver Brake ferns have large arching fronds (leaves) typical for fern foliage. Where this stunning plant has large silver streaks and green edge on the fronds. This gives Pteris argyrea its common name, Silver from the silver streaks, and Brake which is a name commonly given for ferns in the Pretis Genus.

This plant can be placed indoor, on patios or in even planted in gardens. They prefer temperatures above 20°C. They like moist soil (Not Waterlogged) and can have a large spread (up to 5m) which makes it easy to split and propagate.

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