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Pteris Cretica ‘Rowerii’ (Birds Foot)

An excellent houseplant, Birds Foot Ferns are less picky in regards to humidity making it idea for beginners. Its unique frilled and finger like foliage are sure to grab the attention of on lookers.


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Use growing conditions and pictures as a guide only.

Description: Pteris Fern
Common name: Cretan Brake Fern, Table Fern, Birds Foot Fern
Scientific name: Pteris Cretica ‘Rowerii’
Sunlight requirements: Bright Indirect Light
Foliage Characteristics: Evergreen
Height: 50cm
Width: 30cm
Hardiness: Semi- Hardy
Growth Rate: Moderate
Container plant: Yes
Water Needs: Water When Dry
Miscellaneous: Can Thrive In Low Humidity

Part of the Pteridaceae Family, Pteris cretica 'Rowerii’ are commonly known as Birds Foot Ferns due to the unique frond (leaf) structure. Native to a wide variety of continents, Pteris cretica has various types of cultivars. What makes 'Rowerri' so unique are the frilled fronds and the slightly split edges at the point of the leaf making it look like a bird’s foot. Easy to care for and does well with average room humidity, this fern is great houseplant as long as they can receive bright indirect light. Like most house plants, fertilizer application only happens during growing season. Ensure plant is only watered when the pot is almost dried out. Soil is to be kept moist but not water logged, thus make sure you water less during cooler periods.

The plant can be propagated by careful division or by sowing spores. Fertile fronds can be identified as they are generally taller with narrower pinnae. The Birds Foot ferns are toxic when ingested so keep away from pets and children.

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