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Tectaria gemmifera (Snail Fern)

Native to Eastern Africa including South Africa. The fern derives its name from the snail-like off-sets that grow on its leaves. Great for heavily shaded damp gardens.


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Use growing conditions and pictures as a guide only.

Description: Tropical Eastern Africa Fern
Common name: Snail Fern
Scientific name: Pteris Cretica ‘Rowerii’
Synonym: Sagenia gemmifera, Aspidium viviparum, A.coadunatum 
Synonym [cont.]: Tectaria coadunata
Sunlight requirements: Semi to Full Shade
Foliage Characteristics: Evergreen
Height: 90cm
Width: 120cm
Hardiness: Semi-Tender
Growth Rate: Moderate
Water Needs: High
Miscellaneous: Keep Soil Moist

Part of the Tectariaceae Family, Tectaria gemmifera is commonly known as the Snail Fern. Native to tropical Eastern Africa, this plant grown naturally on the shaded moist forest floor especially alongside rivers. Gemmifera is a Latinized word meaning to bear gemmae, which refers to the fronds (leaves) of this species that often bear off sets or plantlets. Furthermore, these off sets produce asexually through vegetative reproduction and can grow up to 5mm in diameter. Off sets have a snail like curl common to ferns which gives the plant its name. Leaf blades with more sori (structure that hold spores) tend to have less gemmae and vice versa.

Protect from frost and do not allow the soil to completely dry out. Fertilize only during growing season. This fern can be propagated by sowing spores or by replanting off sets. Tectaria gemmifera is a well-studied and documented fern.

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